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Lotsha means “Sunrise”in Vhenda and is the perfect way to depict who we are, which is a young dynamic company on the rise. Lotsha investment holdings is a 100% black youth owned investment firm with a level 1 B-BBEE. Lotsha is an investment firm rooted in unlocking and exploiting South Africas true economic growth levels by growing job creation and creating new crop of trusted young black industrialists Lotsha investments is a private investment firm which has a number of investments in a number of strategic industries namely : · Energy and mining · Software and ICT · Construction · Logistics

Mission statement

Creating a pathway in strategic areas of the economy and building black industrialists in efforts to unlock true economic potential and job creation


Investments in strategic sectors of the economy in efforts to creating and supporting trusted young black industrialists

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Lotsha investment holdings invests in companies that have a good track record of prioritising transformation with sustainable and credible business models, credible and trusted history and showing potential for growth. We invest in projects and companies that share the vision of building and creating new generation of credible and trusted young black industrialists and has potential for mass job opportunities. Lotsha’s strategy includes developing projects from scratch, investing in existing and challenging companies and providing turnaround strategies that will grow the company and adding value to existing businesses.

Youth and Women

Lotsha is involved in a number of youth development projects that aim to build and support young people of South Africa who are most affected by unemployment and poverty through many initiatives with the South African Youth Economic Council. Lotsha prides itself by supporting youth by employing competent skilled young people and women in a number of our projects and operations.


Climate change is a real and devastating effects on communities and we have embarked on innovative ways to save energy, reduce green house gases on our operations and investing in green energy projects as part of our long term strategy

Job creation

At the center of our investment philosophy is unlocking jobs for communities and ordinary south africans and for Lotsha to be part of the solution in South Africas pressing social challenges which includes poverty and unemployment. We pride ourselves in prioritizing youth and women in our employment demographics who are most affected by


At the heart of our strategy is community development, we will work with communities in ensuring they benefit from economic opportunities that we bring to their areas by receiving real business opportunities and sustainable jobs

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Economic Growth

Our goal is to spur investments in sustainable solutions, positioning the South Africa's economy for global growth and global competitiveness

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Oil and Gas Sector

Renewable Energy



We are a young dynamic team of qualified experienced professionals with extensive experience in financial services, energy, mining, ICT, construction. Our involvement in various projects has positioned Lotsha as a company with high potential and proven capabilities in delivering projects and services of high quality.

Bonga Makhanya (Bccom Economic Sciences, Wits University)

Executive Director

KanaKana Mudzanani ( BA Law, Wits University )

Executive Director

Lwazi Ntombela ( Bcom Corporate Finance and Investments, Wits University )

Executive Director

Kwanele Thusi ( Bcom Honours in Taxation, UCT )

Executive Director


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