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Umongo ka Zulu details chronologically the major historical events of the Zulu Royal family up to the reign of the current king, His Majesty, King Goodwill Zwelethini.

The book provides a wealth of information about the Zulu Kingdom, its warrior culture and way of life, including the challenges and problems that have befallen the nation throughout its eventful history. 

The reader is also made aware of the fact that the Zulu Nation had had to constantly fight for its land throughout its history and that a significant part of Zulu tradition has been to pass its history down by means of story-telling rather than the written word.

Author: Prince BZ Zulu

ISBN: 978-1920019389

Price: R250


Ubuntu is a philosophy steeped in the history and the sub-conscious of African people. It is an ideal value system that embraces the idea of humanism, equality, spirituality and above all offers hope.  It is an ideal to strive for and one that is relevant today more than ever. Since the emancipation of South Africa in 1994 the legacy of apartheid is still upon us; disparities in wealth, unequal provision of housing, education, health care and the rising tide of crime, to name but a few.  Implementing the principals of Ubuntu in all sectors of life offers a solution for a better world for everyone. 

Ubuntu: The Global Philosophy for Humankind is a continuation of Mfuniselwa J. Bhengu’s (Member of Parliament, Cape Town) original work Ubuntu: The Essence of Democracy, published in 1996. In his new book, Bhengu further explores how the Ubuntu philosophy can contribute to the developing and globalizing of the world.Ubuntu: The Global Philosophy for Humankind is the most comprehensive study on the philosophy of Ubuntu to date. The book is broken into two parts; with the first part examining the origins and history of Ubuntu and how different races and cultures have interpreted it.

Author: John Bhengu

ISBN: 978-0620267830

Price: R160

A Double-edged Sword: A Quest for a place in the African Sun

A Double-Edged Sword is a unique record of the struggle to gain recognition for the role of Traditional African Royalty in building a new South African society.

The book itself is divided into three parts:

  1. Understanding Contralesa – why the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa was founded.
  2. The role of Contralesa in modernising the traditional role of chiefs in our new democracy.
  3. The way forward – how, by integrating tradition into modern society.

Author: NSP Holomisa

ISBN: 978-1920204099

Price: R160

The Early Church in Africa (1st to 7th Century) & Today

This unique book is about mental and spiritual liberation for restoring Africa’s people to their full humanity. Africans are blessed people. Africa is a holy land. Africa’s restoration will not happen until Africans know their history which has been terribly mutilated by the forces of euro-centricity. Africans must acquire knowledge so that they can know who they are and define themselves instead of allowing others to interpret and set agendas for them politically, economically, culturally, technologically and theologically.

Author: Dr Motsoko Pheko

ISBN: 978-1920204143

Price: R62