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Truth is both Spirit & Flesh

“Authentic, mesmerising, cathartic, funny and profound, Malika’s words thread and dart like soft jazz through the vast tapestry that is life. Birth, death, the transformation of self or even everyday occurrences – a drunk man singing in a parking lot, a man collapsed at a bus stop or the colour of dawn – are embraced and celebrated by her all-seeing poet’s eye and heart. Malika’s ability to express the inexpressible and go where most of us can only blindly feel, is life affirming and remarkable. Hers is a unique and vital South African voice. ”Marianne Thamm, South African writer and columnist.

“I write to free the language of my heart”, says Malika… and her heart beats to the rhythm of the universe, with the cycles of planets, with the tides of the oceans. Her eyes see with the secret wisdom of sages, with the courage and determination of Amazons. This very rich anthology is a treasure chest of life. There are diamonds in it for you too. Go on this treasure hunt. Read on.” Dr. Laszlo D. Zsory, Obstetrician and Life Energy Therapist

“Malika is a wonderful poet and storyteller, gifted in her use of language. This is an impressive achievement and ambitious body of work. ”Professor Kathy A. Perkins, Editor of five play anthologies on African/African Diaspora women University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Our contemporary world is littered with the wreckage of idealism, sacrificed to expediency and negotiated moralities, where experience is currency for mortgaged futures. As a counterpoint, Malika Lueen Ndlovu’s offering celebrates our journey with authenticity and an urgent call for a return to essence. Truth is both Spirit and Flesh is nutrient in a time of emotional and cultural drought. Zenzile Khoisan, Editor Rootz Africa magazine 

Author: Malika Lueen Ndlovu

ISBN: 978-1920204136

Price: R150

Born in Africa but

This is Malika Lueen Ndlovu’s first poetry collection, a body of work that spans over a 15 year period. Born in 1971 and living through what she describes as the RDP – Democracy – TRC – So now we are free – era. Her poetry stems from this context and yet consistently reaches beyond it. For Malika, the but in this title most aptly tells her story as a young South African woman of ‘mixed descent’ and an artist always confronting definitions of identity and engaging with their inherent contradictions.

The four phases of poetry represented in this anthology are works that strongly reflect her evolution as a writer and her exploration of storytelling through poetry. Malika has performed many of these works at local arts and culture events and international literary festivals.

Author: Malika Lueen Ndlovu

ISBN: 978-1919768359

Price: R80

Womb to World: A Labour of Love

Womb to world is a work rooted in the process of motherhood, in the experience of creation, in the celebration of the spiritual and emotional landscape that women inhabit from inception to birth. With her poetry Malika has honoured, what Alice Walker calls the “miracle that women perform” in giving birth. Children come through us, to teach us, to guide us, to amuse us, to stretch us as spiritual beings. Malika’s poetry resounds with the intensity of this life lesson, and reveals the complexity of emotions at work in every nook and cranny of the womb as it performs its alchemy. 

Gail Smith
, feminist writer & cultural critic

Author: Malika Lueen Ndlovu

ISBN: 978-1620284582

Price: R120


Glaskastele / Skylight of the Heart is Lucille Greeff’s debut poetry anthology. It is a uniquely bilingual offering. “At the root of Lucille Greeff’s best offerings lies an otherness of perception, an enchanting, quirky linguistic and imaginative bent, which vindicates the search by our publishers to develop new talent, and which is a delight to encounter. It is a search that does not shy away from what is endemic to the South African experience but rather tries to retrieve it with love and care. Lucille skryf om die beurt in Engels en in haar harts-Afrikaans. Ek hoop om hierdie grinterige jong vrouestem in die toekoms weer teë te kom.” 

Author: Lucille Greeff
ISBN: 978-1920204266
Price: R100