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On The Wings Of My Seed

This book will be available at Exclusive Books and other major shops soon.

What A Long Walk

This book will be available at Exclusive Books and other major Bookstores.

Truth is both Spirit & Flesh

“Authentic, mesmerising, cathartic, funny and profound, Malika’s words thread and dart like soft jazz through the vast tapestry that is life.


Lotsha (from the Tshivenda word symbolising “the dawning of a new day”) is a majority black-owned company supplying a focused range of locally developed publications to meet specific educational needs in South Africa.

Our core business is to supply relevant, high quality and “value for money” publications to schools, home-based educators and FET Colleges as well as to individuals who wish to broaden their knowledge of our African heritage.

We are particularly proud of our growing list of titles from newly-published African authors of literature and poetry as well as the heritage titles offered exclusively by Lotsha.

Because we have forged partnerships with developers of education & training resources, professional educators and carefully selected local publishers, Lotsha is able to offer highly competitive prices on all our titles as well as a delivery service that is substantially quicker than industry norms. 

The company is a registered bookseller with the Western Cape and Eastern Cape Education Departments currently supplying text books directly for a variety of WCED projects as well as to FET Colleges.